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Ardpy : Arduino controlled by python

 The ardpy is a python and Arduino library that makes it easy to control Arduino board using python via i2c communication. This package contains Ardpy library for Arduino that automates i2c communication.

 If the Raspberry Pi is set to enable i2c and is wired to the Arduino through i2c pins (SCL/SDL), you can call the Arduino function using python method in ardpy package. The following figure illustrates how to wire Raspberry Pi and Arduino nano through voltage level converter. (refer setup page)

 For example, you can call the analogRead() function of the Adruino in the python shell as:

python3 shell in Raspberry Pi

Arduino program

>>> from ardpy import *

>>> ard = Ardpy(0x10) # 0x10 is i2c addr

>>> ard._set_byte(0)  # set port as A0

>>> ret = ard._exec_func(0) # call aread()

#include <Wire.h>

#include <Ardpy.h>

void aread() {

   byte pin = Ardpy.get_byte();

   int ret = analogRead(pin);



void setup() {

   Ardpy.add_func(aread);// func 0

   Ardpy.begin(0x10); // 0x10 is i2c addr


void loop() {


 As seen in this example, you can make your own arduino application board controllable by python very easily using Ardpy.


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