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  1. 2016.10.01 ESPyHarp release page


 The ESPyHarp is a simple IDE for developing MicroPython program. It’s target board is ESP8266 based boards (e.g. NodeMCU) with MicroPython firmware. I like both ESP8266 and MicroPython. However, I had found the fact that there is no useful development tool (or IDE). So, I started to develop IDE for  personal use and named it ESPyHarp. It is written using JavaFX and an open source libraries such as RichTextFX, jSSC, etc. You can see or download the source code in github.com page.


  • embedded REPL

  • files list in the device

  • code editor with python keyword and builtins highlight

  • upload and/or execute  python script


 You need JVM(Java Virtual Machine) on your PC to run ESPyHarp. Then, download the released file below and execute ESPyHarp.jar file. On Windows you can run the jar file just double clicking on it. At this moment, I have tested only on Windows 7 PC.


ESPyHarp ver 0.1.1 (03/Oct/2016) : minor REPL bug fix

ESPyHarp ver 0.1.0 (01/Oct/2016) : initial release


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